Comprehensive service

Our tax and legal office combines legal and tax consultancy as part of CATL services (corporate and tax law). There is no doubt that every business decision, in addition to legal effects, has its own tax consequences. That is why we have created a team consisting of both a tax adviser and a legal adviser. Thanks to the intended combination of services into one “service line”, we can provide them in an integrated manner. This, in turn, gives our customers the guarantee that their problems are comprehensively and synthetically analyzed, and as a consequence, after identifying the risk, they are also effectively eliminated. Our clients finally receive a unique and systemic, harmonious service that guarantees their safety and facilitates making current business decisions.

Individual approach

The legal and tax advisory services we offer provide services to all entrepreneurs, regardless of their legal form, type of business activity, specialization, industries and market segments, as well as support for individuals. Our goal is to provide assistance in all tax and legal matters. To achieve this goal, we offer interdisciplinary work and guarantee personal, individual service to our clients. Undoubtedly, we are distinguished by a comprehensive assessment of the problem, its full solution and recommendation taking into account all legal and tax aspects.

We help solve any problem, regardless of the complexity of the facts. We apply uniform hourly rates for all technical employees. We offer our clients various options for shaping the mandate contract: hourly rates or a flat rate. All these elements and the list of activities attached to invoices make the rules for remuneration for services clear and understandable to customers. It is also undeniably possible to set the amount of the fee before the order is processed.

Płock Office

ul. Obrońców Helu 15
09-410 Płock

tel: +48 532 306 604


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